Staff Contact

There are a couple of ways that you can contact a Nimitz staff member.  

1.  By phone.  Dial 830-257-2209 and then put in the persons extension.  If you do not get an answer, please leave a message.  
2.  By email.  Click on the email address below of the staff member you are trying to contact and you will be redirected to their email. 
3.  Leave a message with office.  Call 830-257-2209 and ask to leave a message.  
If you have any questions about how to contact a staff member, call the office.  

Office: Name Extension Email Address
Principal Julie Johnson 2210
Asst. Principal Tana Althaus 2211
Secretary Melody Baskin 2215
Attendance Sandra Garces 2216
Nurse Merri Jean Siebel 2225
Counselor Dana Pace 2220
Kinder Melissa Hoyne 2282
Kinder Cherie Smith 2267
Kinder Jessica Koerlin 2272
Kinder Christina Yanez 2298
T-1 Sarah Mejia 2292
1st grade Stacie Cockrell 2294
1st grade Crystal Stahl 2270
1st grade Kari Gruver 2262
1st grade Kristi Howell 2290
2nd grade Anne Seidensticker 2258
2nd grade Nancy Gleason 2285
2nd grade Katie Dieringer 2275
3rd grade Amanda Galindo 2257
3rd grade Andrea Fiedler 2273
3rd grade Julie Nobles 2296
3rd grade Kelly Garcia 2288
4th grade Elizabeth Brown 2276
4th grade Carla Wedekind 2283
4th grade Stephanie Halpin 2289
4th grade Wade Copeman 2286
5th grade Bridgette Michon 2261
5th grade Sarah Koenig 2266
5th grade Averi Garlick 2268
5th grade Alma Garcia 2291
PE Coach Tara Lovelady 2254
Music Alysse O'Brien 2255
Reading Specialist Lisa Newberry 2263
Art Kevin McCorkle 2274
SPED Jennifer Riley 2271
Reading Specialist Lisa Conally 2280
FLU Charlie Orr 2295
FLU Sherry Whitton 2264
Challenge Lab Dianna Daniels 2299
Mentoring Elizabeth Zachary 2269
Library Vanessa Lalonde 2230
FLU Andrea Taylor-Anders 2277
Kinder motor lab Kelly Fontenot 2278
3-5 computer lab Francy Neal 2279
PE Mindy.Gotthardt 2281
FLU Amie Kelley 2287
K-2 Computer Lab Cristy Jackson 2293
Learning Lab Yvette Covington 2297
ISS Lab Angela Simmonds 2256
SPED Aide Vanessa Ozuna 2265
Cafeteria Jennifer Willis 2235
Head Custodian John solis